Sheltering in place impacted the Bay Area in ways no one could have predicted. Isolation from family and friends, erratic sleep schedules, poor dietary habits, increased alcohol consumption and decreased exercise are a few reasons your physical, mental and emotional well-being may not be flourishing.

However, positive news is on the horizon as sheltering restrictions loosen just in time for summer.

More outdoor activities to evaporate quarantine-induced pounds are available. There are additional ways to spend time with family and friends. You can even go on dates again. Just remember to practice social distancing of six feet or more during all activities and enjoy these cannabis products from Caliva while reuniting with the outside world.

Getting back into shape

Have you binged on more Netflix than ever before? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Nielsen reported a 36% increase in streaming the initial week social distancing restrictions went into place. Those extra couch hours could be the reason for an increase in scale digits.

Shedding quarantine pounds through home exercise routines, hiking, biking and more could result in sore muscles unfamiliar with exertion after months of sitting at home. Swap any icy and hot products from the store that can irritate the skin for Caliva’s All Over Body Recovery lotions. The non-psychoactive cream is perfect for people with sensitive skin, and its sister product, Muscle + Joint Inflammation Lotion, combines clove and frankincense essential oils for daily joint and muscle application.

Reuniting with friends and family (from six feet apart)

One of the biggest challenges posed by recent restrictions is spending time with friends and family. Although you can’t hug loved ones right now, you can still reunite from six feet apart during enjoyable outdoor activities.

Going on a hike with a sibling? Caliva Toasties are convenient pre-rolls providing a smooth experience before you tackle hiking trails ranging from beginner to expert.

Meeting up with friends at a park (from six feet apart, of course) or on a reopened golf course? Quench your post-activity thirst with Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops. The IPA-inspired sparkling delight features zero alcohol, calories or carbs and will have you feeling on top of the world while reminiscing on that epic birdie putt.

Are you seeking courtship and love?

Dating can be challenging, and looking for love during a pandemic adds extra obstacles. Don’t let the thought of dating from six feet apart detour you from discovering true love, and if you’re already in a relationship, a trip outside the confines of your home is long overdue.

Some Bay Area counties are loosening restrictions for date-appropriate options that include outdoor museums, picnics and additional hiking trails. Whether it’s a first date with someone promising you met on an app or the hundredth-plus outing with your soulmate, Kiva chocolates are the perfect cannabis product to sweeten up the occasion. Available in milk chocolate and toffee crunch, Kiva cannabis-infused bars are a decadent treat meticulously crafted from the purest ingredients.

If you prefer soft candy, Caliva’s Deli Nickels are deliciously chewy gummy rounds packed with a tutti-frutti punch. Available in mango, sour green apple, mixed berry, and passion fruit, every bag features 20 pieces of gummies at 5mg of THC per mouth-watering piece.

Bring peace to your racing mind

The abrupt change in our routines is throwing many lives out of whack. You’re probably a creature of habit, and the things you typically rely on to remain balanced are out of reach and, in many cases, completely inaccessible. If you’re finding that your mind is racing and you’re seeking new outlets for equilibrium, cannabis products might be in your consideration set.

You can turn to a tried and true source of balance like Kikoko Tranquili-Tea, or if this is all new territory, you might be unsure of what products to buy. Or maybe you’re looking to experiment with something new to mix up the daily sameness. Regardless of the reason, you can turn to Caliva’s newly launched virtual product consultation before you make a purchase. Schedule a phone or video consult with Caliva’s expert wellness consultants who will ask a few questions and guide you to your next favorite find.

Easing back into the world while minimizing contact

The past few months have been unlike anything the world has experienced. While it’s impossible to predict what’s ahead, taking care of yourself should remain a priority. Regardless of how sheltering in place initiatives loosen, the safe purchase and delivery of your products remain critical. To go entirely cashless and keep contact at a minimum, you can now pay for your products securely by downloading the Hypur app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

To access the perfect cannabis products for you, please visit our store at 1695 South 7th Street in San Jose, or go to to schedule your order for delivery or curbside pickup.