Fiddler’s Greens tinctures are made from raw, sun-grown cannabinoids. What does “raw” mean? Many of the cannabis oils found in tinctures are extracted through the process of decarboxylation, which is just a fancy way of saying that heat and occasionally chemicals are the primary method for extracting phytonutrients and cannabinoids.

Fiddler’s Green’s AC/DC tincture and an unidentified cat. (Courtesy photo)

Instead, Fiddler’s Green infuses cannabis flowers using an old school, no-heat process, which means the chemical plant bonds aren’t altered. Cannabinoids stay in their raw, or acidic form, and preserve terpene profiles, which truly maximizes the health benefits of the CBD-rich oil.

AC/DC 20:1 is Fiddler’s Greens’ most popular blend. After trying it, I can see why. A little bit of this sativa-dominant tincture goes a long way. I took ten drops (1/4 dropper), waited 20 minutes, and pumped my fists in the air as my headache became an afterthought. My heart rate slowed down and focusing became much easier. This tincture is tops for concentration and breaking out of anxious loop-de-looping.

This tincture is not psychoactive at all – it’s perfect for someone who’s looking for daytime symptom relief. The recommended starting dose is 10 drops, and I was pleased to see that I didn’t need more than that to experience the benefits of the tincture.

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AC/DC is in an organic olive oil base, and it tastes like a rustic mix of olives overlaid with a faint hint of cannabis flowers. The tincture has a full-bodied herbaceous taste but is mild enough to take sublingually.

The wrap: If you’re looking to concentrate, reduce unwanted intrusive thought patterns, and the quality of your tincture’s ingredients matter, Fiddler’s Greens AC/DC is the tincture to try.

Ratio: 9.22 mg CBDA, .42 mg THCA, .64 mg CBGA per dropper

Price: $30 for 0.5 oz 150 mg; ~$50 for 1oz (30ml) bottle

Taste: 9 out of 10

Effect: 10 out of 10

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