Coconut oil is widely acknowledged to be a health-boosting miracle. Add cannabis into the mix and meet nature’s dream team.

Zendo coconut oil. (Courtesy photo)

Purely made with just coconut oil and hybrid strains of cannabis, Zendo’s award-winning infusion doubles as an edible and a topical. I used it in a multitude of ways, for it really is a versatile product – cook with it, or scoop a spoonful into coffee, smoothies, or another cannabis infused elixir. It tastes, obviously, like coconut, with no overt cannabis flavors. Just be judicious with the portion used if you’re looking to present your babe with a meal and stay awake – it’s strong stuff. The entire packet is 60 mg of THC. I cooked dinner with half the packet and about a half hour after eating my meal, I needed to go lay down.

This product is fantastic as a massage oil, which I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a sensual Valentine’s Day. Medicinal cannabis and coconut oil combine for an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and deeply moisturizing experience. While this is not billed as a lubricant, per say, I did test drive it and I was not complaining.

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It’s gluten free, all-natural and feels like a vacation. I can’t recommend this little pouch highly enough. The only downside, I’d say, is getting your dose right. Unless you’re a frequent cannabis consumer, be cautious in your first helping of Zendo’s potent infusion.

The Wrap: Ideal for a rub down or a romantic meal for one, two, or heck, three!

Potency:  60 mg THC per package, 3 servings total

Price: Between $9-12

Effects:  9 out of 10.

Availability:  Available throughout Northern and Southern California.

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