Once upon a time, cannabis grew freely in the wild. It did this on its own, without the hand of man, and it did it very well. Man recognized this plant and appreciated it for what it was and how freely it grew. Until one day, he didn’t. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he no longer could.

The 1900s were an interesting and tumultuous century for cannabis. Strict law enforcement eventually birthed the era of the secretive nature of the plant, forcing growers into an underground indoor culture, away from their natural relationship with the earth where they belonged.

[related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-section” curated_ids=””]Our options have slowly evolved over the last twenty years, but many unnecessary practices have continued and have even multiplied as time progresses. It’s only been twenty years, and in that time the cannabis industry has taken great strides. As doors continue to unlock and open, we need to seize the opportunity to think outside of the light box and step into a more sustainable way of living. Going forward actually means going back.

How much electricity is used to power the endless sea of indoor operations tucked away in countless warehouses? This overuse of energy releases thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day, further increasing our carbon footprint.

Many indoor growers rely on industrial fertilizers, nutrients and toxic pesticides in lieu of healthy living soil, open air and companion crops that would normally help feed the plants and manage pests.

Wasteful water practices of indoor growing inadvertently contributes to pollution, as chemical laden runoff slips down the drain, eventually filtering back into our water system, or even worse, it leaches out directly into the soil of the earth.

It is also important to note that no matter the precautions taken, residual chemicals are bound to remain in the flowers. Not only are they harmful when smoked, they can transfer over into other cannabis related products as well, especially in concentrated form.

Sungrown cannabis. (Courtesy Erica Edwards)

Choosing organic, sustainably sungrown cannabis ultimately leads to a better quality of life for us all. We have grown so far out of touch with the land in this technological age that we have become removed from ourselves; we have forgotten who we are and where we come from.

We are experiencing a worldwide movement towards a local, organic and fair trade, farm to table society. We are slowly making our way back to our roots, remembering to embrace the land that feeds us, shelters and nurtures us, while providing the very air we breathe. We are returning to the land with sustainable practices.

Organic sungrown cannabis is raised in a rich and naturally bio-diverse environment. The terroir influences the complexity of the plant, enhancing the array of terpenes and cannabinoids. The natural spectrum of the suns rays also influence a variety of flavors, ratios and potency of the plant. All of which is unattainable in an indoor environment.

Each outdoor grower farms in a specific region of soil and climate that determines the lands unique assortment of vegetation and wildlife. Their flowers gently sway with the breeze, bathing in the suns rays and the glow of the moon and the stars. They comingle with the birds, bees and insects, while thriving off of an entire network of life flourishing just beneath the soils surface. From fungi, grubs and worms, to tiny microorganisms undetectable to the human eye, each has their role of communication and action in this symbiotic relationship. There is a multifaceted process of life that is being omitted from the life of an indoor flower.

Organic farmers work in harmony with the earth. Their duties extend well beyond the traditional idea of what it means to be a farmer, requiring copious amounts of knowledge and dedication. They are stewards of the land, planting the seed of hope for humankind.

As a consumer, shopping for organic sungrown cannabis isn’t just an investment in clean, sustainable medicine, it is an investment in the way of life you are ultimately choosing to support. One person can easily make a difference in the world with an act as simple as purchasing one product over another.

The next time you are thinking about picking up some quality cannabis that will blow your mind, you might also consider where it came from, how it was grown, and what that means to you.

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