Happy Day Farms strives to build community by connecting people with Clean Green Certified™ food and medicine that has been lovingly grown on their micro-scale 20-acre homestead in the hills of Northern Mendocino County.

This strain was recently bred with great pride in the results. The flowers are encrusted with so many resinous trichomes they appear crystallized with a springy crunch and a surprisingly solid amount of density for a sativa dominant strain. The colors vary with heavier shades of greens, warmer toned flecks and purple tipped leaves.

The initial aroma is light, bright, sweet and refreshing, and it smells just like strawberry lemonade with a hint of strawberry shortcake and candied lemon peel. Opening the flower up releases a concoction of lemon sugar simple syrup, crushed pine and a fumous mix of fuel and sharpies with herbaceous undertones of sage and scallions.

Light and slightly herbal, the flavor is as refreshing as the aroma with a bit of sparkle in the nose.  Lemon-lime citrus hits the mouth with an emphasis on the lime, followed by toasty notes of smoked strawberry rhubarb crisp and caramelized sugar. As the flavor progresses, lemons multiply in the mouth with traces of oak and strawberry yogurt, leaving behind a clean, lemony freshness well after the flavors fade.

An air of lightness swiftly lifts the body and mind with a buzz of electric energy that is just begging to be dispersed through action. Though there is a bit of a push for physical movement, the mind remains extremely calm and centered with a crisp, clear and alert focus.

Summary: Strawberry Lemonade offers an impressive quality of physical motivation and mental stability without the jumpy jitters that tend to accompany highly active strains.

Happy Day Farms on Instagram @happydayfarms

Strain Review: Strawberry Lemonade from Happy Day Farms

Price Range: $40-$50 an eighth

Sativa Dominant

THC 22.6% CBD 0.5%

Genetics:  Strawberry OG x Lemon Ogre

Available through Flow Kana at Zen Garden Wellness in Sacramento, CA.

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