Marley Black is advertised as being for tokers seeking “a more physical, full-body experience.“ Such understatement is sadly rare in this world.

Licensed by the Marley estate and packaged by the eighth in jars helpfully color-coded (Black for indica and Green for hybrid; Yellow stands for Sativa and Red for CBD Rich), their products are currently available in California, Oregon and Washington. Marley Natural’s flower is part of an extensive product line taking in vape oils, body lotion, lip balm and pre-rolls.

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There’s been some criticism of appropriation of Rastafarian culture, but not even skeptics doubt the quality of the product, which is consistently first-rate. Heavily stony, this bud is perfect for meditation and gentle disassociation from workaday reality.

A lab stamp on the side informs me this batch packs a whopping 26% punch in THC. Using boozer metrics, this indica is not beer to be chugged but brandy to be savored with care lest the stuff boomerang on you.

Three hits of the Black invoked a warm cleanheaded buzz with heightened colors and a general feeling of good times and well-being. Unlike most indicas, there’s little feeling of heaviness or sloe-eyed languor, nor is the stone so heavy as to induce paranoia, couchlock, angst, or automatic lights-out. This is the kind of buzz Bob Marley sang about.

Marley Natural Black

Price: $40/eighth

The Wrap: For the price, the smoothest and most reliable indica buzz there is.

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