Also known as “White Berry” and the punning “Berry White,” Barry White is a silkily evocative handle for this spawn of White Widow and Blueberry strains. Pop culture memory remains strong among crate-diggers, hip-hoppers and Boomers of the mellow-voiced monologue-prone 1970s soul artist of the same name.

Barry White marijuana flowers. (Ron Garmon photo)

A three-time Grammy winner who cut many of his best-known records with the Love Unlimited Orchestra, White pretty much invented disco along with inspiring several decades of raunchy punchlines out of sitcom writers in search of a cute metaphor for fornication. A long run of heavy-breathing on albums with titles like Can’t Get Enough, Staying Power, and The Right Night & Barry White fixed him forever in the public mind as a lord of bedroom debauch.  

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Though gone since 2003, Barry lives on in this frosty and energetic dank. Few strains boast such impressive lineage, since Blueberry is one of the world’s best-known indica strains and a long-ago Cannabis Cup winner, while White Widow has an equally celebrated transatlantic rep as one of the more euphoric hybrids.

That being the case, the mystery of finding Barry among the sativas at a local dispensary was quickly unraveled by noticing the budtender had his shirt on inside-out. The scent of these tiny reddish-green nugs is like concentrated Pine-Sol but the taste is bracing and easy to take, and the buzz is, like the weed’s namesake, both heavy and silky smooth, making it a near-perfect intimacy enhancer.

Barry White

Price: $15/gram

The Wrap: Turn the lights down low and spark up.

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