Marijuana lore is oft-spread as thick as the stuff that mushrooms grow in, but most of what you hear about Alaskan Thunderfuck is true. Winner of numerous awards and citations along with inspiring blissed-out internet commentary by the yard, ATF sports a celebrated “sugary” look much in evidence here.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

Crystal trichomes like these form where the plant’s resin is thickest and thus richest in THC. Worrywarts fret the strain can cause excessive activity, so I locked myself in my tiny and messy apartment in hopes of a housecleaning miracle.

After the depicted nug vaporized in five or six hits, no such miracle occurred, but what happened next was 40-odd minutes of rising euphoria, dreamy imaginings, and intermittent fits of giggles. Very suddenly, residual achiness from a recent bout of flu dissipated.

Not even a fat blast of James Brown music could motivate any frenzy of tidiness, though a serious appetite was worked up by dancing across the room. High CBD content makes for pleasant pain displacement and the high THC yield makes this one of the strongest strains available.

Further testing confirmed this rancorous hybrid imparts a sense of mildly rising giddiness culminating in a clean, spacious, almost Olympian body high. Also named Matanuska Thunderfuck, Mantanuska Tundra or just Tundra.

Alaskan Thunderfuck


Price: $15/gram

The wrap: One of the classic strains and an essential cannabis experience.

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