This new hybrid variant on Jack the Ripper is, according to the grower, split pretty evenly between sativa and indica in content. JtR itself, with a THC quotient well into the 20s, has a reputation as “killer” weed that occasionally produces uncomfortably paranoia-inducing effects in some tokers.

Becoming mystical for a moment, the grower assured me the upped indica quotient in his strain smooths out these rough edges for a more balanced and relaxed high. Arising early one morning, I dug out a shiny clean new pipe and began work. The buds are peppery to the nose and the three-hit test went down easily enough.

As promised, the ensuring buzz was most energetically Ripperlike, with the added bonus of just a soupçon of good old indica hammer-stunned disorientation to make the ride a pleasant one rather than the mildly harrowing experience some report at the hands of cousin Jack. Indeed, this dank imparted unusually cheerful energy at such an early hour, I had the rest of my week planned, bills paid, laundry sorted, philosophical questions contemplated, and much of this very review written before quite an hour had passed.

It was at about that time a happy boomerang effect commenced and, instead of coming down, the buzz returned for an extended “Sgt. Pepper”-like coda. Another notable effect is seeming increased brightness and clarity of the color spectrum, so this would be the strain to ingest before rollerblading through an art gallery.

Art the Ripper

Price: $15/gram



The wrap: The perfect THC companion for your morning cup of coffee.

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