Touted as an “elevating experience,” Alpine pen vapes are slender, about 4 inches long , and come with the helpful two-part instruction:  1) Inhale for 2-4 seconds (the tip will glow), 2) That’s it. Unlike a lot of stuff you read on boxes, this is quite accurate, if a bit understated.

Pity they left off the part about the express elevator to the moon you take just after. These 300 grams of “solvent-free molecularly distilled cannabis oil, natural terpenes and flavorings” are exquisitely smooth to the taste and devilishly easy to smoke.

There’s no fussing over finding the button in the dark, and certainly no complaint over the quick and solid high delivered. Weighing in at 36 percent THC content, the buzz is perhaps negligible for dab-hitters and vape heads used to preparations of up to 80 percent but more than enough for casual tokers.

Also of interest to new vapers is just how awesome this product tastes – very heady and light with just a hint of the citrus-y taste, for which the Sour Skittles strain is known. There’s none of the brushfire funkiness of the flower. The amount of oil left can be seen from a clear plastic slit in the side of the pen.

Alpine Disposable Pen Vape – Sour Skittles

Price: $25




The Wrap: In all, the perfect light indica vape high packaged in an attractive and easy-to-use form.

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