If you’re a fan of edible cannabis treats, it’s a given that you’ve heard of Kiva Confections. And truly, Kiva does not mess around.

Kiva Terra Bites Espresso Beans. (Courtesy photo)

I tried both varieties of the Terra Bites: The Espresso Bean and the Blueberry Bites, with hybrid indica-sativa cannabis extract. The espresso beans have a satisfying crunch that blends into an unbeatable mocha flavor. The combination of caffeine and carefully sourced cannabis make for a balanced experience. Meanwhile, the white-and-milk-chocolate-covered dried blueberries “burst” with tart and fruity flavor. I didn’t discern much cannabis flavor with the blueberries; you might taste very subtle notes at the beginning and end of each bite.

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The size of these bites are really where the magic’s at. In each bite, you’ll get 5mg THC. It’s a “Goldilocks” dose: small, reliable, and great for folks who want to “feel good” but remain functional. The espresso beans, in particular, spurred creative productivity and focused my energy.

If you’re more experienced with edibles, try two to three beans for stronger effect, especially if you’re looking for more of a body-based high. Don’t get me wrong, the sun-grown, whole plant cannabis Kiva uses is top-notch and works its wonders – but I didn’t feel the powerful onset of symptom relief with one bean. That said, there are 24 beans per tin so you can scale up or down depending on your needs. I credit Kiva for designing an excellent, flavor-packed treat, ideal for consistent micro-dosing.

The wrap: If you’re someone who’s balked at edibles in the past, I’d recommend giving these beans a try. Because of their consistent dosing, they are excellent edibles for beginners, and affordable, especially if you’re sensitive to THC’s effects. However, if you’re someone who is used to edibles with higher percentages of THC and need that for pain, I’d try either double-dosing or using another product.

Potency: 120mg/Tin (5mg/Bite) with 24 consistent bites

Price: $17 – $22

Effects: 10 out of 10, depending on your dosing preferences

Taste: 10 out of 10

Availability: Kiva’s award-winning treats are widely available throughout California and Arizona. Stay tuned for expansion into other states.

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