Many CBD manufacturers today are well aware of the ethical importance of using organic products that come from cruelty-free sources and are additionally sympathetic to those members of the population that have special dietary restrictions. Due to this, most of the larger and more reputable suppliers of CBD products make an effort only to use organic products whenever possible. Additionally, many CBD products for specific needs and uses (or comparable CBD products) use ingredients that will allow their customers with special dietary needs or moral stances when it comes to the ingredients in the products that they buy to be still able to fully enjoy the CBD products that they have for sale, such as only selling — or at the very least providing options for — products that are: non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, fully vegan, sugar-free, Kosher Certified, all-natural, paraben-free, caffeine-free, phthalate-free, are locally sourced, are acquired from cruelty-free sources, are cultivated on farms that use sustainable farming process, and many more different considerations.

The extraction process can also play a strong role in the purity of the CBD products that you use, which is probably something that you are more conscious of due to giving your purchases and diet at least a little more consideration than the average consumer. As we discussed in the “Extraction Methods for CBD” section, the most common extraction method in use by manufacturers today (the CO2 Extraction method) leaves behind an incredibly clean, pure and potent end product. Ethanol Extraction is also a very clean extraction process, for those that prefer brands that use this extraction process, but under no circumstances can we recommend that you use CBD products that were manufactured using either the Carrier Oil Extraction method or “The Rick Simpson Method” of extraction, as both of these extraction methods often leave behind deposits of harmful or inorganic residues and trace compounds. If the purity of a product that you’re going to put in or on your body is important to you, we really feel that you should stick to the two most common extraction methods, which are widely regarded as being the two best extraction methods by consumers, industry leaders, and researchers alike.

These two extraction methods that are the most highly recommended do not include exposing the plant parts to harsh, dangerous and the inexorable contamination of the end product. Some of the potential pollutants that can be left over after less effective and safe extraction processes include heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, general toxins, toxic solvents, neurotoxins, and other dangerous byproducts and unintentional ingredients. This is why it’s always highly recommended by healthcare professionals — and by us — that you always buy your CBD products from a reputable source and that you only buy CBD products that contain CBD which was extracted either using an Ethanol Extraction method or by using a CO2 Extraction method (as is the case with each of the CBD companies that we recommend on our site, and which is a topic that we have fully covered in not only this guide but also in a separate in-depth dive into the extraction methods that are most commonly used in the CBD industry today) and whenever possible that you buy your CBD products from a company that uses stringent third-party laboratory testing that exhaustively tests the overall purity and potency of the products that they are hired to test.

Companies that do this are often able (and are more than happy!) to provide you with a specific product’s batch Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request. This allows you to check for yourself what the laboratory found for any given batch of products that are manufactured by a particular brand. This batch testing is effective because the laboratory will test a number of randomly chosen products within a batch (or a group) of a specific number of products within a manufacturing window. The batch COA that you can request for the product that you are ordering, or have ordered, will be a group of products that were manufactured within that batch window that your product was included in. The way batch testing is done ensures that companies are not able to game the system by sending the laboratory a product that they know will definitely pass the testing, and also so if there ever is an issue found with a product, the manufacturer will know which batch of products to recall and destroy for consumer safety.

Because of all these steps that reputable CBD manufacturers and retailers take to ensure that the products that they make and sell are as safe, accommodating to a variety of needs, and ethical as possible, a wider demographic can benefit from the numerous physical and mental health properties that CBD provides. This makes buying these high-quality CBD products easy on the mind and on the heart.

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