From the makers of 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning topical bath salts, Om Edibles brings a new and improved cannabis tincture that unwinds the nervous system and helps bring sound sleep. It’s slightly stronger than their previous formula, now with 150 mg of THC per bottle.

Om Edibles Night Time Multi-Herb Elixir (Cannifornian photo)

Om Edible’s Night Time Multi-Herb Elixir is made from organic herbs and sun-grown full-plant extract, which boosts the cannabinoids’ entourage effect in the body (how the compounds work in concert to create the effect). The strain is indica-leaning, so you definitely get some mild psychoactivity with this formula. The gentle effects of lavender and chamomile are nice additions to this tincture, and their flavors linger on the palate. The overall flavor profile is floral, though it isn’t sweet. Herbs are slowly infused into the tincture, which give it a cohesive, well-rounded taste.

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Om Edibles is based in Berkeley, and is dedicated to creating products with care — each bottle is specially formulated and lab tested to ensure consistency and potency. I found this tincture very effective. After about 45 minutes, the elixir’s soothing effects set in, which felt like the equivalent of a calm hand on the back. I took a full dropperful (5 mgs) and slept like a baby all night.

Om Edible Night Time Multi-Herb Elixir

The wrap: For those who want an elixir-type tincture for help getting to sleep and staying asleep, Om Edible’s Night Time Multi-Herb Elixir is a powerful and affordable choice.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Taste: 7 out of 10

Price: $30-32 per 1 fl. oz

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