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All-natural, hemp-derived CBD is not online popular on the consumer market because it’s legal (although that does help). The compound’s millions of fans enjoy the fact that CBD allows them to experience the wellness benefits of cannabinoids without the associated high of a compound like THC. And these days, more than a few CBD fanatics will tell you that vaping is their preferred method for enjoying these benefits. As it stands, CBD vapes, including vape pens and vape carts, are among the most popular products sold. But why would someone want to vape CBD? Why not simply use CBD oil or ingest an edible? And what is a CBD vape meant to do?

Looking for answers? We’ve got them!

Are CBD Vapes Right For Me?

CBD is the non-intoxicating (it won’t get you high) cousin of THC that offers users a whole host of wellness benefits. People praise this hemp-derived cannabinoid for its ability to help with sleep, stress, digestion, mood, and much more. Yet there are so many ways to experience its benefits — gummies, dabs, drinks, oils — many consumers ask, “are CBD vapes right for me?”

It’s a personal question that each user has to determine for themselves. What we can tell you is that there are two ways to use CBD vapes that are recommended for beginners, which are as follows: 

  • CBD Disposable Vapes (Vape Pens)
  • CBD Vape Carts

What’s the difference between the two? We’re glad you asked!

CBD Vapes: What Is a CBD Disposable Vape?

By now, many of you may be familiar with vape pens, the small, discreet vaping devices prevalent among consumers across the country. These products are pre-filled with nicotine or THC juices and work with the push of a button. Over the past five years, vape pen technology has evolved immensely, allowing such products to corner the market.

CBD Disposable Vapes are vape pens pre-filled with CBD vape juice. What’s great about these devices, especially for beginners, is that they are incredibly convenient. As we just noted, they come pre-filled with CBD oil. But they also include a fully charged battery, allowing users to begin vaping them right out of the box. The best part? When you’re done with one, you toss it in the trash and move on to a new pen. 

Reputable retailers like Diamond CBD offer a variety of CBD disposable vapes, often in various strains such as Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, and Wedding Cake. 

CBD Vapes: The Benefits of CBD Vape Carts

For those who prefer to take things to the next level with their CBD Vapes, you may want to explore CBD Vape Carts. When you purchase a cart or cartridge, you receive a pre-filled tank — again, full of CBD oil or vape juice. However, you need a battery to connect to the cart.

The benefit of using vape carts is that they are rechargeable. Typically, you’ll need a 510-compatible battery. You screw the cart onto your battery and enjoy. You toss it out and screw on a new cart when it’s empty. Like disposables, CBD vape carts come in various strains and flavors. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Vapes?

Studies show that CBD has many wellness benefits, but users should note that CBD vapes have several advantages over other administration methods, such as edibles or oils. Notably, vaping provides the highest bioavailability of any delivery method. Bioavailability measures the percentage of CBD in the product that enters your bloodstream. Short of injecting CBD directly into your veins, you won’t achieve a higher bioavailability than vaping. Oils, dabs, gummies, drinks, and capsules all lose a significant amount of CBD as they are absorbed into the fatty tissues in your digestive system. 

What’s the other benefit? CBD Vapes have the fastest onset time. Onset time is the time it takes to start feeling the physical effects of CBD. Whereas the CBD in edibles and other products takes time to work its way into your bloodstream, vapor, when inhaled, enters the bloodstream almost instantly. Many CBD users with sudden onset issues such as anxiety cite onset time as a significant factor in their decision to go with vaping over edibles. 

CBD Vapes: The Takeaway

CBD is one of, if not the most prevalent cannabinoid available on the legal market today. Consumers have a multitude of options at the ready, from edibles to oils to concentrates. Retailers like Diamond CBD have a large selection of products from which you can choose, and trust us; you’ll be happy that you did! However, if you’re looking for something that’s fast-acting and doesn’t waste any of the compound, CBD Vapes should be high on your list.

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