Touted as for “Anytime,” the CO2 oil in this cartridge is scarcely a generic experience. Though no stranger to vaping, I tend to stick to oils drawn from indica strains familiar to me much in the way a veteran single-malt drinker sticks with a few favored distilleries and shuns all brands of blended Scotch as heretical.

Bloom Farms Anytime Hybrid (Courtesy photo)

Well, there are times when taste is merely calcified prejudice and I inhaled just such an instance from the Hybrid cartridge Bloom Farms sent along. This product is perhaps one I’d have skipped trying or buying in the same way I tend to avoid the potpourri “Nug Salad” oft-found in dispensaries, but that was mere provincial prejudice.

Enthusiasts tout vaping as a more efficient means of getting high and there’s no more potent proof than a side-by-side buzz comparison of the effects of generic weed to this stuff. Three hits sufficed to put me away for almost an hour but, like a food critic who learns to divine an entire menu from one serving of the house specialty, I plainly discerned the misty peaks of Utter Obliteration from that short trip up.

Smooth to the taste and rousing in effects, this product is perfect for those new to vaping and wishing to experiment with its oft-annihilating effects.

Bloom Farms Anytime Hybrid

Price: $25-35




The Wrap: Highly suitable for all-day stoning but use sparingly otherwise.

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