From Esoteric Edibles, this is one of seven specially crafted “edible experiences” that touts a great deal more than the usual buzz and certainly delivers. The purpose of this specific concoction isn’t to derange the higher cerebral functions in the manner of Cheech & Chong, nor to cure the chewer of this delightful taffy of every or even any ailment, but rather to give the doser on an experience, a “physical manifestation of the spiritual chakra,” as the whimsical ad copy puts it.

Chakra Chews. (Courtesy photo)

Lemon flavor aims for the solar plexis chakra, seat of self-esteem, confidence and belly laughs. Of the former two, there’s little worry over personal supply but belly laughs were what I got aplenty about an hour after eating a single fifty-milligram piece. My threshold psychoactive dose for MJ edibles is a stubborn forty milligrams of THC so the effects of fifty taken the Esoteric way were quite profound.

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A late-afternoon backache cleared up at once, the world outside my apartment began to sparkle though it was already night and I laughed my way through a double feature screened at a less-than-plush local cinema. Trippy effects were substantially over after about five hours and cheery aftereffects lasted for hours more.

Esoteric Edibles’ proprietary blend of terpenes may well be the future of recreational marijuana and the idea of mixing and matching among the seven flavors is an enticing one.

Chakra Chews (Namastoned Lemon flavor)

Price: $20-$24/4

The Wrap: A fantastic experience for new and veteran users alike.