While there are plenty of cannabis-enhanced sweets out there, I would strongly recommend tracking down some of Utopia’s macaroons.

Utopia Farms macaroons. (Courtesy photo)

A half of a cookie has 25 milligrams of (strong!) THC, which makes this sweet treat perfect for sharing. Because Utopia uses such high-quality ingredients, these treats are not for the lightweights out there. If you’re looking for a lift instead of a lay down and sleep, I’d try splitting the macaroon into quarters if you’ve got any sort of sexy agenda for your evening.

For me, what sets these edibles apart is their commitment to health which you can taste right away. Yeah, it’s a cookie, so how healthy can it really be? Because Utopia uses its own homegrown super potent cannabis extract, you don’t need to eat very much of this little macaroon to feel its effects. And with intrinsically healthy ingredients like agave syrup, almond powder, and Himalayan sea salt, these cookies are perfect for health-conscious consumers who don’t want to smoke but also don’t want an edible full of extra crap.

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Flavor-wise, I got fresh melt-in-your-mouth coconut, mellow cannabis notes, and raspberry tartness in the award-winning Raspberry Macs. Meanwhile, the peanut butter and coconut flavors work so well together, and I could barely taste any cannabis at all. The texture is a cookie-dough like consistency. Utopia’s proprietary recipes taste, dare I say, downright sultry.

The Wrap: Both flavors of Utopia’s macaroons are a super yummy experience, and at 50 mgs a cookie, one is plenty for one to consume or to share with a special boo, especially if your boo enjoys nerding out on nutrition.

Potency: Each pack contains four cookies with 200 mg of THC total.

Price: Between $18-22

Effects: 10 out of 10 for relaxing the body and mind

Availability: Small-batch, handmade, artisanal treats from Santa Cruz, CA, so you may have to hunt to find them. Check with your local dispensary or delivery service.

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