Let me give you a piece of advice: skip the standard box of chocolates and track down a Kiva Bar. These award-winning edibles are some of the best chocolate I’ve had, period. Forgive my mixing metaphors, but it’s icing on the already delicious cake that Kiva’s offerings are medicated.

Kiva chocolate bars. (Courtesy photo)

I got to sample the 180 mg THC Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar. It’s a divine mix of semisweet cocoa richness interlaced with blackberry notes that linger on the palate. I didn’t pick up on any cannabis flavor whatsoever, which is what makes a well-integrated balanced edible in my book. Dosing-wise, it’s 5 mg per square, which makes it super easy to micro-dose. And though I didn’t taste them, I bet KIVA’s other flavors are bomb, so don’t miss trying Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Mint Irish Cream Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Chai Dark Chocolate.

So, let’s move onto the powerful effects of KIVA Bars in the context of pleasure. KIVA uses the highest quality ingredients in its products, and the cannabis extract in these bars are made from an indica-leaning hybrid strain. When I had a 30mg dose, I felt the relaxing, pain-relieving impacts within 45 minutes (hello, fast onset!) At the hour mark, I definitely crossed over into feeling super calm and a little sleepy. A half hour after that, the best word I can use to describe myself is faded. If you’re looking to get jiggy with it, I’d definitely recommend toggling your dose so you don’t get the full whack of this powerful edible or make your moves shortly after consuming KIVA’s gourmet treat.

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I wouldn’t recommend these bars if you’re looking to go out dancing with your date, or any other high-energy activity, but if you’re up for snuggling and being sweet, the Bars are perfect. A dreamy combination would be a few bites of one of these bars, waiting a little while, and then getting someone to give you a nice massage.

The Wrap: KIVA’s chocolate bars are highly pleasurable to eat with no overpowering cannabis flavor, and are perfect for sharing. Effects lean towards sedative calm, and better for spooning rather than vigorous sensuality.

Potency: 180 mg of THC per bar, or four servings of 45mgs.

Effects: 10 out of 10

Price: $20.00

Availability: Wide! Check your local dispensary in California.

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