Redlands police are investigating the discovery of several bags and boxes filled with about 130 pounds of marijuana near and in Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery last week, officials said.

A city employee in the cemetery Oct. 19 found several bags filled with marijuana inside one of the memorial park’s large trash receptacles and immediately called police, said Carl Baker, spokesman for the city.

Later that same day, “a passer-by reported finding two boxes with additional marijuana nearby off of Sunset Drive,” Baker said in an email.

The amount of marijuana totaled close to 130 pounds, according to a Redlands police Facebook post. The value of that much marijuana was not immediately disclosed; however, according to the Cannabis Benchmarks, a Connecticut firm that monitors the cannabis industry, the price of a pound of marijuana in California is estimated at $1,300, making the find in Redlands potentially worth about $169,000. Baker later said due to the quality of the marijuana found, police officials valued it at significantly less, closer to $10,000.

Baker said the incident is under investigation and could not release any additional information. They ask anyone with information on this case to call the Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7681.

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