Strain: Girl Scout Cookies (Stock Pot Images)


Marijuana strain review: Girl Scout Cookies

This multiple award-winning flower is said to be the result of cross-breeding the formidably pure sativa Durban Poison and OG Kush, with variously identified “mystery strains” reputedly rattling like skeletons in the strain’s DNA.

Girl Scout Cookies

THC content ranges far over 20 percent (some samples test as high as 30 percent) and the resulting kickass is of such headiness and duration that many online commentators classify it as indica. This is perhaps understandable, since once the toker is that stratospherically high, it’s easy to forget Pluto was once thought a planet.

Related strains like Cookies and Cream, Platinum GSC, Thin Mint GSC, and a whole jar of others are batched off with happy regularity. The aroma is much praised for its minty freshness but my own purchase, blocky and densely compressed, reeked hideously.

Even to the naked eye, the silvery glisten is readily apparent and the big nugs break off easily for pipe of bong toking. After that first gasping hit, a feeling of vastly elevated calm sets in.

A second hit, while not exactly ill-advised, brought on greatly enhanced sensitivity and a definite arc to the buzz, as it peaked in the (reputed) manner of LSD before sliding down to an almost ethereal well-being. One pipeload will give an all-afternoon glow with no perceptible slowdown in energy or attention span. Perfect for a couple of hours of idle contemplation and music listening.

Girl Scout Cookies


Price: $12/gram

The wrap: When there’s time only for one hit, this is the one.

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