Take our 4:20 marijuana quiz to see if you’re an herb nerd

Do you know your indicas from your sativas? Are you wise on weed laws? In honor of 4:20, here's a quiz to test your mastery of all things marijuana.

Answer all 10 questions to see if you're a bud beginner or a ganja guru. Then share your results on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can take the quiz to see how they stack up.

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How did 420 become associated with celebrating marijuana?

When did Californians vote to legalize medical marijuana?

Which test can detect marijuana use more than couple weeks back?

Which medical condition is not named in the state’s Compassionate Use Act as one that marijuana can be used to help ease?

Are medical marijuana patients required to get government-issued ID cards?

April 20 is the most popular day for marijuana delivery services. What’s the slowest day?

Which method of taking marijuana causes the quickest high?

Which of these celebrities is associated with supporting weed?

An eighth of an ounce of pot from a licensed shop in California would typically cost how much?

10. What's the legal limit for how much THC California drivers are allowed to have in their systems?

See how you did!